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Scuba Diving

Sea turtle

Bonaire ranks one of the top diving destinations in the world!! It has earned that ranking by making great efforts to preserve the underwater world by establishing the first marine park in the Caribbean. The waters around Bonaire have been protected by an actively managed marine park for the past 25 years.  Bonaire’s pristine reefs and diverse marine life are unique to this Caribbean paradise.
Bonaire offers some of the easiest diving sites in the world. There are over 80+ marked dive sites.  Most can be entered by simply pulling up and jumping in.

The island’s location in the south Caribbean gives it an semi-arid climate with light rain fall.  The result being,  exceptionally clear water, free of silt, calm, and diveable all year round. It is an ideal destination for underwater photographers. Water temperatures average a warm 78-84°F (26-29°C), with visibility averaging over 100 feet (30m), and frequently reaching up to 150 feet (50m).


Bonaire Wayaka2

Bonaire is also a fantastic location for snorkling. If you can swim, you can put on a mask and start enjoying the wonderful sea creatures and coral formations. You will be able to float effortlessly and observe the feeding and courtship rituals of the reefs many residents. There is nothing in Bonaire’s water to worry about, but be sure not to touch as you may harm and disturb the delicate natural balance of these beautiful protected reefs . Snorkeling is great entertainment for all members of your family no matter what age.

Guided snorkling and kayak tours are also available and allow a more in-depth look at the marine life of  Bonaire and its reefs.  This is truly an activity the whole family will enjoy.


Windsurfers could not ask for a better spot than Lac Bay on the east coast of Bonaire. What has made the area so popular is the 90% chance of favorable winds and the 100% assurance of a sheltered, shallow bay to challenge the experts to sail and entice the novice into learning this fast-paced sport. While not all windsurfing activities takes place at Lac, that is where the surf shops are located and is where most people tend to congregate.
Lac Bay, protected by the Bonaire Marine Park rules and regulations, has the most beautiful turquoise water and balmy breezes. It is approximately 3 + sq.miles (8 square kilometers) and free from boat traffic. There is plenty of room to let loose and enjoy the feel of the board slicing through the calm waters at Lac.
Beginners can start to learn the sport in knee deep water allowing for easy recovery from falls while the bay’s protective barrier reef lets them gain confidence on the calmest of waters. More experienced sailors can venture out into the more challenging blue-green swells where there is still some protection from large waves. It is here that the wind kicks up a few clicks and the thrills of the sport are realized. The even more experienced and adventurous can sail Lac Bay’s outer edges where the mast high swells and strong winds guarantee sailing conditions that are world class.
Lac Bay is one of the most beautiful spots on Bonaire and for that matter, in the Caribbean. Since it has come under the protection of the Bonaire Marine Park, it has been designated as a recreation area for visitors to enjoy.
There are two distinct windsurfing seasons on Bonaire. The higher winds prevail generally from the middle of December through August. September until December 15th is light wind season, however it is during this period that the island celebrates Regatta Week every October during which there are sailboat and windsurfing races. Bonaire also hosts professional surf-sailing contests during the windy season.


Bonaire is the kiteboarder’s paradise in the Caribbean. The year round steady tradewinds, warm water and easygoing atmosphere made the island the perfect destination for kiteboarders of all levels. Bonaire has very consistent wind conditions almost all year round. The NE tradewinds will blow from November until August with an average of about 18 knots all day long. In September and October wind speeds are lower but you will still have some good days to go kitesurfing. Hang loose and enjoy the ride!

Mangrove Kayaking

The Mangrove Information Center Bonaire, established in 2002, is a research and excursion center. Visitors to the center learn about the mangroves, one of the most unknown and most endangered environments on our planet. Guided kayak and solar boat tours through the beautiful mangrove forest of Lac Bay on Bonaire’s western coastline are available.
There are single or double “sit-on-top” kayaks, which are easy to handle, especially for beginners.

Horseback and Horse Swimming

Sailing and Boating

If you want day trips on a sailing boat or to  just rent your own motor boat, you can.

Land Sailing

With year-round steady tradewinds and excellent weather, there is no place like Bonaire to experience the thrill of  landsailing. It’s fun, fast and safe! Landsailing is one of the fastest growing eco-sports and a straight hit in Europe, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S.A.  Anyone, regardless of age, size or gender can enjoy this radically different sailing adventure, it’s a blast for the whole family! To have fun with this activity,  no sailing knowledge necessary for this fun fast paced sport. Instructors teach you how to sail the  landsailer in less than 10 minutes.  Go for an amazing landsailing class and race one of the longest landsailing tracks in the caribbean!

Mountain Biking and Cycling

A perfect way to see Bonaire on a 24-speed mountain bike. There are miles of unspoiled beauty to enjoy. See  many species of birds, plants and enjoy the breathtaking views overlooking the Caribbean. There are over 186 miles (300 kilometers) of unpaved roads, and many more paved roads to explore.

Go on your own or join an experienced guide on/off road along the beautiful coastal roads, the Goto Lake or the inland dirt roads in the hills around Rincon. For the more experienced mountain biker there are tours on the adventurous dirt roads in the Washington Slagbaai Park.


A unique 18 holes 72 par golf course in an ecological setting were animals have priority over golfers. Add this experience to your play book. More info.

Motor Riding & Quad Touring

Motorcycles and Quads are for rent to tour the island.


Plan a visit to Washington-Slagbaai National Park, enjoy a drive around the flamingo filled lakes, through the wild and serene environment or even snorkel and have lunch at Wayaka II Beach.


Not your first thought maybe but Bonaire is famous for its most colorful residents; the many species of birds that call Bonaire home. Take a natural history walk along a hiking path, with an ornithologist to see many of Bonaire’s 200 plus species of birds; many which are never spotted by the casual observer.

Deep Sea Fishing

If you want to go for wahu, shark, merlin or other large fish you can charter a boat and reel them in.

Cave Exploration

There are more than 200 caves on Bonaire.  The caves are ancient wonders, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and even with lakes and tunnels. You can explore them with an experienced guide; or do you want to go snorkelling on a unique spot?  This is your opportunity to snorkel in the crystal clear water of Bonaire’s mystical caves.


All over Bonaire you find small shops and boutiques. Some of them are in resorts but the vast majority can be found on the main street of Kaya Grandi in the heart of Kralendijk, Bonaire’s capitol. This small town is breathing the Caribbean atmosphere with its typical colorful architecture.

Restaurants and Nightlife

The food on Bonaire is truly an international experience with choices and styles from around the world. The Netherlands, Colombia, China, Italy, Surinam, Indonesia, French and Germany to name a few.

The nightlife is as the island itself, small and cozy. Many of the bars in town or at the beach have live music during the evening. Get your cocktail and swing. There is also a Casino on the island for those that wish to try their luck.


Salt Poduction

There is a mix of culture happening on Bonaire. Live music at Lac, or many local artist that will happily show you their work.

Donkeys occur in the wild on Bonaire, a family visit to the Donkey Sanctuary is good fun.  The Butterfly farm is a great experience as well.

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