Bonaire earned 12 Diving Awards

The Scuba Diving Magazine’s readers-choice awards for 2010 were presented. The popular dive Island Bonaire was good for prices. As many as 12 awards went to this beautiful diving island.

The awards

In less than eight categories the island earned the first place. These included: Top Marine Life, Top Macro Life, Top Snorkeling, Top Shore Diving, Top Underwater Photography, Top Value and Top Overall Diving. Top Visibility for parts, Top Health of Marine Environment and Top Overall Destination Bonaire is in second place. Bronze earned the island the category Top Advanced Diving.

Diving Island

Bonaire is a truly diving island. It has 82 dive sites that are indicated with the use of yellow boulders and therefore can easily reckognized. On almost each side of the island you can dive into the Caribean waters. On 54 dive sites are approachable by car, put on your gear and just walk in towards a beautiful underwater world.


Besides diving snorkeling is an important activity on the island. There are 17 official snorkeling sites, but your can snorkel adventure can begin almost everywhere on this island. And you might see a turtle between all the colorful fish. Isn’t that worth at least 12 awards?